Our Mission

Gnosis, Ltd., a nonprofit organization, seeks to preserve and present the significant creative contributions of individuals who have changed our world.

Who We Serve

Gnosis' work is used to create an educational forum for people and communities interested in exploring and understanding the creative process and how it influences and enhances our lives. Specifically, Gnosis builds relationships with: educators who use these materials as learning tools for their students; researchers who are interested in exploring the impact of the creative process; and individuals who are interested in preserving the cultural heritages of diverse populations.

Our Vision

Gnosis will be recognized as a production entity devoted to celebration of the lives and work of often-unheralded people in the arts, humanities and sciences whose emotive vision has led to disciplined and valued contributions that continue to inspire us to re-vision ourselves daily.

Key Leadership

Founder, Executive Director and President of the Board of Directors of Gnosis, Ltd., Suzanne D. Johnson believes that creativity is the essence of human life. After twenty years in broadcast television production, sales and marketing, she resolved to engage herself in a more personally fulfilling area of filmmaking: the production of art and cultural educational documentaries. She formed a Governing Board whose members have individual histories of dedicated and accomplished work in their respective fields, a team brought together to investigate the fundamental ways in which the process of creativity connects us and contributes to our humanity.

The work of Gnosis--producing documentary films and books, hosting symposia and sponsoring events--provides a bridge to explore, motivate, share and communicate about the mystery and complexity of the creative spirit. An exploration and understanding of the creative process and how it influences and enhances our lives subscribes to a much needed effort to establish possibilities for ensuing the future of the important legacy human beings create for one another.

Paramount to the Board of Directors, which provides ongoing direction and oversight, is sharing the joy of this learning journey and with a wider audience to educate, inform, protect and preserve the cultural identity of future generations.

Gnosis gratefully acknowledges grant support from the following organizations:

Arizona Commission on the Arts
Arizona Humanities Council
AIA / Central Arizona Architecture Foundation
Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts
Rio Salado Architecture Foundation

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