board of directors

Governing Board

Suzanne D. Johnson, President & Executive Director
producer | filmmaker | founding board member | event planner

Melissa Farling, V.P. & Secretary-Treasurer

Michael P. Johnson, architectural designer / teacher |

Eddie Jones, architect, principal

Advisory Board

Ace Bailey, president, Ultimate Art & Cultural Tours

Joan Baron, environmental artist/consultant

Linda M. Herold, president, Herold Enterprises

Judith Testani, interior designer

Max Underwood, architect / teacher

Debra Malouf, publicist

In Memoriam

John Alan Wyatt, a Gnosis Board founding member and advisor, passed away in July 2008 in Portland, Oregon. Mere words seem unable to capture the depth and breadth of John's intellectual prowess, and the deep sense of loss all of us at Gnosis feel. Easily approachable, his dexterious command of Logos (the word) made John a brilliant master of association.

A formidable scholar of the Classics, John was a rare thinker who could roam freely the upper regions of three thousand years of intellectual history, and provide a simple reference that could comfort and invigorate any situation. His casual, humble presence contrasted a fervent vigor when he took the floor to speak, where he would leave vivid memories of a journey into the vast world of history. He made us feel not only educated, but excited about the unknown. We miss you, Master Wyatt.

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